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Sandman Studios was founded in 2016 as a creative-driven Chinese VR/AR animation technology company that focused on storytelling. Through the process of narrative creation with storytellers and technologists, from the fields of animation, game, drama and digital film special effect, Sandman is exploring opportunities for content narratology provided by the development of technology.

Making Original VR Works
Though making fancy VR worlds, let audiences make an emotional connection with VR as a storytelling medium.
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It's a touring festival, where you could find the best in VR film, art & immersive experiences.
Customizing Business Experience
Explore business customer needs in depth. By making the best VR experience, help customer expand the brand influence.
Free Whale
A sci-fi story about soul and time

In a future story universe, where people already conquered many earth-like planets, scientists led by Dr. Sandman did some experiments about AI creatures and their souls in order to test the “perfect environment for living”.

As a new fetcher, whose responsibility would be getting back the AI souls, Shem our protagonist just took his first assignment to fetch Ai-4fe84f6sa000 on Planet Kandinski. Surprisingly encountered with a free whale, he starts to think and understand more about his work and the universe, the souls and eternity .

Free Whale is the first VR narration of an original series which would also be adapted to film, fiction and comics.

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Sandman Studios
Sandman is a group of artists, engineers and storytellers waving dreams in VR.